Grandmother on ‘cloud nine’ with £3.8m Lotto win

Kim Pilling, PA
·2-min read

A retired grandmother says she is on “cloud nine” after she scooped a £3.8 million Lotto jackpot.

Despite her festive windfall, Diane Bate, 70, from Rhyl, North Wales, plans to have as normal a Christmas as possible with her loved ones before deciding what to do with her new-found fortune in the New Year.

Mrs Bate said: “We want to buy a bigger house locally as we love the area, but we don’t want a mansion or anything flashy. The USA is our favourite destination, we have been about 15 times and would love to go back as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Lotto winners Diane and Michael Bate
Diane and Michael Bate celebrate their £3.8m Lotto jackpot (National Lottery/PA)

“Canada is also on the bucket list and we have a daughter who lives in Australia who we would love to visit again. We will definitely be treating ourselves to first class flights on our travels.

“One of our granddaughters is getting married in the USA in January. We aren’t able to attend due to Covid unfortunately but the win means we can help out financially and help give her an amazing wedding.

“There is nothing in particular I want, I have everything I need really but buying a new handbag always makes me feel nice.”

Mrs Bate previously worked in Social Services and has been married to husband Michael, 74, a retired HGV driver, for 52 years.

Lotto winners Diane and Michael Bate
Diane and her husband plan to go travelling to the US as soon as it is safe to do so (National Lottery/PA)

On learning of her win in the December 12 draw, she said she was “in a bit of a daze” for the rest of the day as she cooked a big family dinner to take her mind off things and called her loved ones to tell them the news.

Mrs Bate said: “I called my daughter and she thought I was kidding. I then called my grandson and he didn’t believe me either so, as part of our support bubble, he rushed round instantly to check the ticket for himself.

“My granddaughters played a trick on me once and had convinced me that I’d won £1,000 on the bingo which nearly gave me a heart attack. The feeling of winning the lottery doesn’t even compare. I am on cloud nine.”

The winning Lotto numbers for the draw on Saturday December 12 were 13, 38, 39, 49, 53, 56 and the bonus ball number was 59.