"Grandpa Sneakers" Are Trending—Here’s How to Style Them

Fashion stylists share their favorite ways to style grandpacore sneakers.

<p>New Balance</p>

New Balance

Fashion trends come and go, and some of them are truly out of left field. However, we’re pretty sure that “grandpacore” wasn’t on anyone’s style trend bingo card. (The only hint it was coming was the rise of coastal grandmother, but you’d have to really be paying attention to predict the pivot.) And yet, the aesthetic somehow works brilliantly. Grandpacore is never try-hard, evokes a sense of refined nostalgia, and is both casual and elevated at once.

Grandpacore sneakers are an integral part of this fashion trend, and even if you’re not into the head-to-toe grandpa look, you can still slip into this footwear and make it work. For some expert tips on how to style grandpacore sneakers, we consulted a couple of professional stylists.

What Is Grandpacore Style?

True to its name, grandpacore takes its inspiration from the colors, textures, and silhouettes of garments that an older gentleman might wear.

“Grandpacore is a recent trend that’s been seen in Spring/Summer 2024 collections, most notably from brands like Loewe and Miu Miu,” explains Chellie Carlson, a professional stylist based in Los Angeles. “This trend seeks inspiration from traditional grandfather clothing, complete with vintage prints and textures, timeless footwear, and cozy layering.”

What Are Grandpacore Sneakers?

Erin Houston, stylist and co-founder of wearwell, agrees. She adds that this aesthetic is very much rooted in other trends we’re seeing right now, which champion relaxed and casual fits, organic textiles, sustainability, and vintage-retro vibes.

<p>New Balance</p>

New Balance

“Grandpacore embraces vintage aesthetics in a way that’s both Mr. Rodgers-retro and perfectly on point for a laid-back look,” she says. “Grandpacore sneakers channel this same energy with an old-school running shoe profile. They’re often seen in earthy colors and in a soft suede or leather.

Some good examples include the New Balance 327 Sneakers ($100, New Balance)—which comes in both an earthy olive hue and vintage rose shade—as well as the wearwell Alta Vibram Navy Sneakers ($130, wearwell) and Veja Venturi Alveomesh Dune Butter Sable Sneakers ($205, Veja). For a spendier pair, Gucci's GG Rhyton Sneaker ($890, Gucci) really embodies the grandpacore sneaker trend, too.

6 Ways to Style Grandpacore Sneakers

Keen on making grandpacore sneakers work for you? Follow these professional stylist tips.

1. Pair Them With Wide-Leg Pant

For a look that’s very on trend, Houston suggests leaning into a more low-key fit via a wide-leg pant. “You might be tempted to only reach for leggings or joggers, but instead, pair these with classic work trousers or wide-leg denim with a raw edge,” Houston says. “Both combos bring the look into 2024 and elevates the sneakers to a more intentional part of your outfit.”

2. Try Them With Cropped Denim Pants

Give your grandpacore sneakers a moment in the spotlight by pairing them with cropped denim, Carlson says. This allows you to show off the shoe more.

3. Add a Cropped Top

Whether you’re reaching for a cozy cropped sweater for chilly weather or keeping cool in a cropped tank, Carlson suggests styling grandpacore sneakers with a crop top and high-waisted trousers for “a more relaxed look,” she says.

4. Go For a Sneaker and Dress Combo

It may feel counterintuitive to wear sneakers with a dress, but trust us on this one. “Pair your comfy grandpacore sneakers with a feminine tiered maxi dress or a floral silk midi skirt,” Houston says. “The mix of feminine and masculine styles brings a stylish edge to your outfit.”

5. Dress Them Up With a Slip Dress & Blazer

Another way to dress up your grandpacore sneakers is to “wear them with a midi skirt, vest, and blazer, or slip dress and blazer,” Carlson says. This approach blends the feminine and masculine together, and also makes for a more polished look for the office.

6. Channel Boss Energy

Speaking of work attire, you can absolutely wear your grandpacore sneakers to the office. Elevate these shoes for the workplace by pairing them with a relaxed-fit pantsuit in the same color (or one that complements your shoes). Not only does this combination look stylish and intentionally put together, but you’ll be comfortable all day long.

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