Grandparents Surprise Granddaughter at Her Birthday Dinner After Months Apart

A Florida girl’s only wish for her ninth birthday was to see her grandparents, and while celebrating at a restaurant in Delray Beach on January 29, that wish came true.

Alexis Lannan, mother of birthday girl Mia, recorded this video and originally posted it to Facebook. Lannan told Storyful her children have not seen their grandparents in a few months, and when she asked Mia what she wanted for her birthday, she told her mom she just wanted to see them.

“She asked for no presents just them,” Lannan said.

In the video Alexis can be heard asking if Mia knows who the people walking toward them are, and Mia excitedly responds, “Is that Grandma and Grandpa?”

Mia and her brother can be seen scrambling up from the table and running over to hug their grandparents. Lannan told Storyful her children have a very special relationship with them. Credit: Alexis Lannan via Storyful