Gran's fresh start after dumping Egyptian toyboy

Iris Jones, 83, married Mohamed Ibrahim, 37, in a ceremony in Cairo, Egypt but the couple split soon after the wedding and she has now moved on
-Credit: (Image: SWNS)

An 83-year-old grandmother has updated her profile picture, signalling a fresh start after ending her marriage with a much younger Egyptian man. Iris Jones split from her former husband Mohamed Ibrahim, 37, not long after the pair wed and has now accused him of "conning" her out of a substantial sum of money, claiming she had been paying off his debts and lending him large sums.

Iris has completely turned her back on her former beau following their intense romance. The couple initially caught the public's attention when she shared intimate details about their relationship, including her trip to Egypt to be with him.

Her candid discussion about their private life on This Morning in 2021 left hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Scofield in fits of laughter, earning Iris a host of admirers. Her Facebook page was once filled with pictures of the couple during happier times.

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However, having expressed regret over the relationship, Iris has now replaced her profile image with a photo of her true love her cat named Mr Bo Jangles, reports the Mirror. Now single, according to her Facebook status, Iris frequently posts updates about her feline companion's antics, showing how much she enjoys their time together, whether it's a visit to the park or relaxing in the garden.

Sharing an adorable photo with Mr Bo Jangles, Iris commented: "It's soo nice to have genuine friends to support me in what has been a traumatic time in my life. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, (which is slowly starting to heal)."

Iris also recently shared that she sadly lost her previous cat, Smudge, to cancer in 2010.

The grandmother, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, has taken a step back from online dating after her marriage broke down. Recently, she has been passionate about making people aware of the dangers of using dating websites and be on the look out for "scammers and con-artists".

Iris claims she has been targeted by four scammers in the last few months and now regards herself as a "competent scam hunter". She claims one "evil" individual tried to con her out of thousands of pounds.

Iris took to Facebook recently to share her advice. She said: "A warning to all vulnerable women online, chatting to scammers and con-artists, thinking they are messaging genuine males on legitimate dating sites. Be aware that they are only interested in getting their filthy paws on your money and will sweet-talk you for weeks, or even months in order to achieve their goals."