Grassroots players reflect on racism in Spanish soccer

STORY: Grassroots soccer players say they commonly face racism in Spain

Location: Les Franqueses del Valles, Spain

23-year-old Adrian Alpanez plays for AE Ramassa

(Adrian Alpanez, AE Ramassa player)

“I find it [racism] more in real life, in schools, with children, in night clubs it usually happens a lot. unfortunately it is something we must deal with. It's not good, obviously. I believe that there should be neither class nor race.”

Public debate about racism in Spanish soccer hit a boiling point

after racist chants were hurled at Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr during a match in Valencia

(Mohamed Cherif Khaled, AE Ramassa player)

“I live here with Spaniards and non-Spanish people and I live from day to day. Spain is not a racist country. But there are racists in Spain."