Grayson Perry’s lost cat Kevin makes it home safely after getting stuck on roof

Lizzie Edmonds
The cat was safely rescued - but suffered a broken tail - after getting stuck on the roof

Grayson Perry’s lost cat Kevin has made it home safely - after apparently getting stuck on a roof for four days.

Yesterday, the Standard reported how the Turner Prize-winning artist had made a desperate plea on Twitter for the safe return of his beloved black and white cat Kevin, who has featured in a number of his works in the past two years.

The Essex-born artist’s wife Philippa Perry has now confirmed that Kevin had made it home safely last night.

She told the Standard: “His tail is injured. He’s been stuck on our neighbour’s roof for 4 days.”

Perry’s daughter Florence tweeted her joy at Kevin’s safe return, writing: “HE’S HOME he was on the roof two doors down the whole time lol. Totally fine apart from very hungry.”

However, on closer inspection, the family say Kevin’s tail appears to be more seriously hurt.

Mrs Perry said: “Horrible bend in tail. He was so pleased to be home at first that we didn’t notice. Now he is crying a bit. Vet first thing.”

Kevin the cat was welcomed in to the Perry family two years ago. He has been known to disappear before - and was previously found in a neighbour’s home after getting locked in for five days while the owners went on holiday.

He is, according to Mrs Perry, also a fan of getting in to the back of Ocado delivery vans.

Yesterday the family tweeted their delight at the Standard’s coverage of missing Kevin, with Florence writing on Twitter: “This is the kind of thing that only happens in children’s books. My mum and dad’s missing Cat on the front page of a newspaper. Hope it has a fairytale ending and he comes home.”

Along with a picture of Kevin on the front page, Mrs Perry wrote: “We’ve got the PR department on it.”

The family said they would keep the Standard updated as to the condition of the cat’s tail.