Great British Bake Off 2017: Bread Week has sparked off a row over what a 'teacake' is

Clarisse Loughrey
Episode 3 of The Great British Bake Off saw the competitors take on Bread Week: PA

At least it's a change to the usual battle over whether The Great British Bake Off's move to Channel 4 has destroyed the show or not.

Episode 3 brought Bread Week along with it, as the Signature Challenge dared our competitive bakers to take on that classic of English treats, the teacake. On Bread Week. Baking categorisation is a mess, apparently.

Now, the teacakes GBBO is discussing is the kind made from an enriched dough that contains extra fats, eggs, sugar, and fruit. Since they're all ingredients that can inhibit yeast, bakers were tasked with getting a good grip with proofing.

However, the concept wasn't entirely straightforward for everyone. Tom, in fact, confessed that he "didn't even know what a teacake was"; coming from Scotland, the kind of teacake he was familiar with is a marshmallow filled chocolate biscuit. The kind Tunnock is so famous for producing.

Of course, the segment resulted in something of a furious argument amongst Bake Off viewers following along on Twitter. Some were baffled by Tom's ignorance, others couldn't believe teacakes with fruit and not marshmallow were being produced.

Then there were those that argued teacakes shouldn't even have fruit in them in the first place.