Great British Bake Off star Chigs Parmar keeping quiet on his relationship - for now

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Great British Bake Off star Chigs Parmar is keeping quiet about his relationship status credit:Bang Showbiz
Great British Bake Off star Chigs Parmar is keeping quiet about his relationship status credit:Bang Showbiz

Chigs Parmar is keeping his relationship status “private” for now.

The ‘Great British Bake Off’ finalist - who had only been baking for six months before he applied to feature on the Channel 4 show - wants to keep the details of his love life under wraps but promised his new fans that they would “find out sooner or later".

The 40-year-old baker told PEOPLE: "I want to keep my private life private, while I've got one. But you'll find out sooner or later…”

The breakout baking heartthrob admitted to being “flattered” after gaining so much recognition from being on the reality competition judged by Prue Leith, 81, and Paul Hollywood, 55, and hosted by Noel Fielding, 48, and Matt Lucas, 47, but he is keeping his feet on the ground with the help of his friends and family.

He said: "I'm flattered; it's always flattering getting those kind of messages. I'm a very humble person. I've got a great group of friends around me and an amazing family who ground me very much, so I don't get a big head when I get those kind of comments. But it's been overwhelming, how everybody has supported me around this whole thing. I've had people from Hawaii, Costa Rica, India, France, Italy — I can't believe my name is being called out from all these countries. It's very nice.”

Chigs mused about being “pretty proud of himself, to tell you the truth” due to only picking up baking as a hobby during the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020.

He explained: The fact that I picked up baking such a short time ago and had the courage to put myself out there in front of the British public and you kind souls across the pond to watch my journey? It's been great.”

Two-time Star Baker Chigs labelled Giuseppe Dell’Anno “a worthy winner” and “the most consistent baker on the show” and spoke about his kindness and shared family values.

Chigs - who was also in the final with Crystelle Pereira, 26 - said of the 45-year-old victor: "He was a worthy, worthy winner. He was the most consistent baker on the show, and everything he did was so precise, which comes from his engineering background. Giuseppe's also the kindest human being I've ever met. He bakes with passion, everything he bakes comes from the heart. I love the story of him baking to honour his father, because his father was a professional baker. That resonated with me because I lost my father when I was really young. I liked what he was doing. He's very family focused, which I am too. I started cooking at the age of 10, thanks to my mom, my grandma, and my aunties."

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