Great British Bake Off viewing figures slump in week 3 despite phalic shaped bread and innuendos galore

The Great British Bake Off attracted an average of 5.7 million viewers on Tuesday night.

Despite packing the episode with hilarious innuendos and phalic shaped bread, 300,000 fewer people tuned in than the previous week, and the viewing figures slumped by 800,000 from the launch show.


However, the show is still proving a win for Channel 4 bosses as it was the highest ratings of the day for the broadcaster, and it was the third most watched show of the night after BBC programmes EastEnders – which attracted 6.2 million people – and Doctor Foster, with 6.1million.

What’s more, when they purchased the beloved Bake Off for £75m they said would be happy breaking even with 3million people watching each week.

Great British Bake Off shocks viewers with most innuendo-laden episode yet

Ch4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt also previously praised the opening numbers, saying: “The Great British Bake Off’s audience last night proves it’s still one of the country’s favourite shows. I am delighted millions watched the new team put 12 magnificent bakers through their paces. It’s the largest share of young audiences we’ve had for a show for over a decade.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier this week that the first episode of the new series boasted a total audience of more than nine million once catch up viewers were added.

It gave Channel 4 its biggest ratings success since the opening ceremony of the 2012 Paralympic Games.

Despite the achievment, the figures are yet to beat the 10million average that tuned in to the show at its former home of BBC One, where it was born and bread.