'Great British Bake Off' winner Rahul admits he struggled with Noel Fielding's jokes

Ben Arnold
Rahul Mandal (Credit: PA)

If Rahul Mandal struggled with Noel Fielding’s jokes on The Great British Bake Off, imagine how he’d have handled The Mighty Boosh?

But indeed, the mild-mannered research scientist who was crowned the best amateur baker in the land on Tuesday night has admitted that he struggled to fully latch on to some of the presenter’s gags.

He told The Sun: “I loved Noel’s sense of humour although I didn’t always get what he was talking about.

“But I now know who Luke Skywalker is and what a fist bump is.”

(Credit: Channel 4)

Rahul moved to the UK from Kolkata eight years ago, and found that baking for people was a good way to make friends.

He added that when disaster struck, and a jar exploded during his final showstopper challenge, showering his bench and ingredients with broken glass, it was host Sandi Toksvig who talking him back down again.

“Sandi kissed me on the forehead and that helped calm me down. I used to call her Aunty Sandi,” he said.

“Bake Off has given me a new family, I felt I had a mum, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, as everyone in the Bake Off tent supported me in a weird and wonderful way.

(Credit: PA)

“Winning Bake Off is about the coolest thing that I have done in my life, and I hope it will help me gather some more confidence.

“I would like to say thank you to all of those who believed and trusted in me for all their lovely comments.”

Rahul won in the final, beating bakers Kim-Joy Hewlett and Ruby Bhopal, by making an edible rock garden.

Bookmakers are already offering odds of 5/1 on him snaring his own cooking show by next year.

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