Great geeky gadget gifts for Valentine's day

Love Birds - £9.95 from You can't help but adore these Love Birds. Perched on their favourite branch, this pair of tweeters react to passers-by with a chirp as they spring to life and twitch their heads. It's as kitsch as they come, but once you've placed this colourful couple in your abode, you'll be smitten.

Can anything beat flowers and a nice box of chocolates on Valentine's Day?

While gadgets, apps and toys might not be strictly traditional gifts for lovers, this year has seen a crop of surprisingly sweet gadgets - including motion sensing 'love birds' which tweet out a song when you pass.

Would the geek in your life go wild for a personalised superhero based on their photo? Or something even mushier like a heart-shaped umbrella?

Click below for our guide to the best gadgety gifts for your loved one this year.