Great-grandmother, 73, hunts and kills 12ft alligator which 'ate her miniature horse'

A woman who recently became a great-grandmother has shot and killed an alligator which she believes ate her miniature horse.

Judy Cochran, who became the mayor of Livingston, Texas, in May, killed the huge reptile at her ranch on Monday.

It tipped the scales at 263kgs and was more than three-metres long.

The great-grandmother killed an alligator which she suspected may have eaten her miniature horse. Source: Scott Hughes/Facebook

Ms Cochran’s miniature horse’s remains were never found after it disappeared about three years ago.

“So we suspected a gator … it would have to be a big gator,” Ms Cochran told USA TODAY.

The great-grandmother has been looking for the offending animal ever since – but according to Fox13 she only had a set time frame where she could hunt the creature.

The mayor of Livingston, Texas, was in a meeting when she received a call that the gator had taken the bait on a hook. Source: Scott Hughes/Facebook

“Polk County is one of 12 core counties that you can only kill a gator between September the 10th and September the 30th — only that 20 days,” Ms Cochran told Fox 13.

It is reported that she was in a meeting when she was told “the big one” had been captured after being lured with a baited hook.

Following the animal’s shooting death, it was taken to a taxidermist.

The meat from the alligator will be eaten and Ms Cochran is also planning on using its hide for a pair of boots.