The Greatest Trick Jared Leto Ever Pulled Was Convincing The World He Was Hosting Wheel Of Fortune

 Jared Leto in American Psycho.
Jared Leto in American Psycho.

Another April Fools’ Day has come and gone and, as expected, it was filled with more than a few unusual occurrences or announcements. If you’re in the news space, you’re likely to come across headlines that seem fishy and, in most cases, that’s because they’re not true. What I’m about to tell you, however, is definitely not a lie or a prank of any kind. Actor Jared Leto got in on the festivities and did so in a big way – by popping up on Wheel of Fortune. When I think about it, the greatest trick Leto ever pulled may now be convincing viewers and audience members that he was hosting the show. (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the Usual Suspects reference with that line.)

The broadcast began in normal fashion, with announcer Jim Thornton introducing the stars of the game show. Vanna White was highlighted, as per usual, but it was Jared Leto who walked on stage with her as opposed to her longtime TV partner Pat Sajak. From there, the two proceeded with the show’s usual routine, with Leto even going to the wheel to present contestants with the first toss up puzzle. You can see the Oscar winner – who was decked out in a shirt and tie – in the YouTube clip below:

Eventually, Pat Sajak did relive the Blade Runner 2049 star of his post. And, if you were able to watch the broadcast for yourself, you’d know that the switch-out was fast. It almost feels like the actor disappeared in a flash though, in reality, that’s surely due to some sharp cutting from the show’s editors.

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Screenshot of Pat Sajak and Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune
Screenshot of Pat Sajak and Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune

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All in all, this is actually a really solid April Fools’ prank from Jared Leto and the team at Wheel of Fortune. It may not seem like a practical joke on the surface, but surely plenty of folks watching at home were shocked. Funny enough, I spoke to my mother – an avid WoF viewer – after the televised moment happened, and she was very surprised by what occurred. I’d wager that it’s those kinds of reactions that Leto and co. were hoping for. Kudos to them for pulling off such a cheeky moment.

Jared Leto, interestingly enough, is no stranger to pulling “pranks” of sorts, whether he’s in character or not. Much has been said about the weird gifts he gave his Suicide Squad co-stars while working on the 2016 superhero film. While in character as The Joker, he sent a number of odd items like a briefcase full of bullets and a live rat. Leto didn’t just give gifts to co-stars either, as he gave DJ Skrillex some “weird shit” after working with him on the “Purple Lamborghini.” So, needless to say, this WoF prank was one of his more tame gestures.

The Little Things star’s brief hosting stint on Wheel of Fortune may not have been legit, but it is, in some ways, a tease of what’s to come. It was confirmed during the summer of 2023 that Pat Sajak is retiring from his post and will end his run this year following Season 41. With that, Ryan Seacrest will be the new host of the long-running game show. He seems excited about taking the reins and has gushed about his chats with Sajak and Vanna White about the inner workings of the program.

Honestly, though, I’m now wondering what the show would look like if Jared Leto were to become the full-time host and, surely, the vibe would be different. I don’t see that actually happening, of course. Plus, I’d say that Leto more than made his mark on the series through his delightful April Fools’ prank.

Check your local listings if you’d like to watch Wheel of Fortune – sans the award-winning actor – in syndication amid other offerings on the 2024 TV schedule.