Greek anarchists throw paint at French consulate

Red and black paint remains on the French Embassy building in central Athens, left by Greek anarchist group in protest at France's involvement in air strikes against Syria

A Greek anarchist group on Sunday attacked the French consulate in Athens, Greek police said, in protest at France's involvement in airstrikes against Syria.

Fifteen members of the Rouvikonas (Rubicon) group threw red and black paint at the consulate building in central Athens, adjacent to the French embassy. One person was arrested.

Rouvikonas claimed the attack in a post on an anti-establishment website saying it came after French involvement in the strikes against Syria and because "French imperialism has surpassed that of Germany...."

The statement also referred to the support France was giving "to Greece in its dogfight with Turkey" and the fact that it appeared to be selling warships to Athens.

The Greek defence ministry said on Friday it would lease two state-of-the-art French warships in an effort to bolster its defences in the Aegean Sea amid growing tensions with Turkey.

Rouvikonas group has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks against public buildings, companies, banks and embassies.

The Greek Foreign ministry in a statement condemned the attack as "unacceptable".