Greek police deny having crucial Michael Mosley CCTV four days before he was found

CCTV footage of Dr Mosley before he apparently took a wrong turn, which shows him walking past a cafe in the village of Pedi
CCTV footage of Dr Mosley before he apparently took a wrong turn, which shows him walking past a cafe in the village of Pedi - BBC

Greek police have denied they were in possession of CCTV footage showing Dr Michael Mosley’s final movements four days before his body was found.

The doctor and broadcaster was missing for five days on the Greek island of Symi after going for a hike alone, without his phone and with only a small bottle of water.

A Greek news website claimed the Hellenic Police force had footage placing Dr Mosley in the same location his body was later discovered days before he was found.

The clip, which was filmed from a bar near where the 67-year-old’s body was discovered, is said to have been handed to police on Wednesday.

The clip is described by The Sun as “grainy footage” in which Dr Mosley is seen struggling on the rocky terrain.

He is apparently seen walking towards the wall between the hills and beach, before sinking to the ground in the spot he was eventually found.

Live News, a local media site, reported that the owner of a beach bar handed the CCTV in to authorities.

A police officer said the body was hard to identify in the footage as it appeared as a small dot, according to Live News.

Hellenic Police confirmed the force had seen the footage but claimed it was given to them after Dr Mosley was found.

The TV doctor is believed to have died of heat exhaustion after losing consciousness while walking in 40C temperatures, Greek police said.

An examination, based on CCTV footage and forensic evidence, suggests he died of natural causes, The Telegraph understands.

Police have ruled out foul play or criminality, according to sources.

Officers are now investigating the footage that appears to show Dr Mosley disappearing from view as he makes his way down a hillside, close to where his body was later found on the island of Symi.

Dr Mosley sat down before losing consciousness only yards away from safety, interim findings from a coroner found.

He was found 50 yards away from the resort on Sunday morning, five days after his wife reported him missing.

Issuing a statement on Monday, local police said: “The Headquarters of the Hellenic Police announces that today’s TV report, which refers to possession and non-utilization by the Hellenic Police, does not correspond to reality.

“The reality is that the video material came into the possession of the Greek Police after [Michael Mosley’s] body was found. It is emphasised that the preliminary investigation material so far does not show that the British presenter fell from a height.”