Green New Deal Rising Disrupt Priti Patel's Speech Over Rwanda Plans

A group of pro-refugee activists interrupted a speech by Prit Patel at a Conservative party dinner in protest against the Rwanda migrant deal. Eight members from the Green New Deal Rising group disrupted a speech from the Home Secretary on Friday where they called for the “cruel” migrant deal to be dropped.As Ms Patel began her speech at the Bassetlaw Conservative Association Spring Dinner, one member of the group stood up where she said that Ms Patel’s policies “are killing people”. She went to say that the plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda was “inhumane”. As she spoke, the protester was met with booes from the crowd before she was escorted away from the venue. Other members of the group, however, stood up one by one at the event before the crowd shouted “out, out, out”.

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