Has our ‘green’ king gone off the rails?

<span>Photograph: Reuters</span>
Photograph: Reuters

What happened to King Charles’s green credentials (Stars join King Charles at Versailles banquet during French state visit, 20 September)? He and Queen Camilla flew to Paris – a two-hour train ride away – and were then driven in their own Bentley, transported from the UK. Hardly setting a good example.
Elizabeth Wardle
New Barnet, London

• Congratulations on the launch of the Europe edition (Report, 20 September). However, you still use “Europe” to mean Europe excluding the UK. This contributes to the sense of isolation that resulted in Brexit. Why not embrace Europe fully and do away with the UK digital edition?
Peter Bowen

• Zero Carbon was a non-runner at Chelmsford in a race won by He’s A Monster (Letters, 21 September). Let’s hope that Rishi Sunak put his money on a horse in Friday’s 4pm race at Ayr – Retirement Beckons.
Toby Wood

• Nicola Baird (Letters, 21 September) should consider a move to Keighley – our bus fares are capped at £1. Yorkshire folk don’t always need deep pockets to travel.
Ian Garner
Keighley, West Yorkshire

• Might I suggest to Adrian Chiles that making apple chutney for his friends could solve his problem (Every autumn I am shunned by my friends and neighbours. But I think I’ve finally broken the curse, 20 September)? Cut the worms out first.
Barbara Bain

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