Green Party announce Laura Buchanan for Tiverton & Minehead election

The Green Party today announced their candidate for the Tiverton & Minehead constituency at the coming the General Election. They have selected Laura Buchanan, a Knowledge Transfer Project Manager at Exeter University, as well as a development manager for Share Shop Tiverton (a library of things).

Laura said: "I am honoured to have been chosen as the Green Party’s candidate for Tiverton & Minehead. In recent years, more and more people have realised that far from being just about the environment, the Green Party stands for a different way of doing politics and for practical, proven policies that can transform our country.

“We need a new approach and that’s why the Green Party has grown so rapidly – we’ve seen a surge in Green Party councillors elected over the last couple of years, and we hope to see the same at this General Election.
“Only the Green Party has a credible plan to sort out all the major problems we face. Properly funded NHS and social care, building affordable and social housing and banning no fault eviction, push for water companies to be brought back into public hands to stop raw sewage being dumped in our seas and rivers. Help with the cost of living, including £15 minimum wage, increasing universal credit and insulating homes to reduce energy bills. Protecting nature and acting on climate change by a rapid roll out of renewable energy and increased protections for green spaces.

“Other priority areas for me are the condition of our roads and increasing council funding so they can afford to run the services needed by our community.”

Laura manages the Share Shop, in Tiverton, which stocks a range of DIY tools and household equipment which people can borrow to save buying something they may use only rarely.

Laura says: “If you agree with me that the time has come for a genuinely different approach please vote Green on July 4.

“In this newly created constituency of Tiverton and Minehead, it is difficult to look back on the 2019 election results and analyse who to vote for tactically. If you agree with Green Party principles, now really is your chance to Vote Green at the ballot box.

“Every vote for the Green Party shows the other political parties that they must do more to make Britain fairer and protect people and nature. We need real change.”

Other candidates who have announced they are standing in Tiverton & Minehead include:

  • Green - Laura Buchanan

  • Labour - Jonathan Barter

  • Liberal Democrats - Rachel Gilmour

  • Reform UK - Frederick Keen

  • Conservative - Ian Liddell-Grainger