Greenpeace pulls stunt to demand a climate chancellor in Germany

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A huge 'mock job advertisement' has been placed on a tower at Berlin's main station, near Germany's federal chancellery, by Greenpeace activists.

The 16 by 22 metre banner reads "climate chancellor wanted" with a list of requirements for the position.

Job tasks include putting the country on course for 1.5 degrees, phasing out coal by 2030, no new cars with combustion engines after 2025, and 100 per cent renewable energy by 2035.

"If you want to take responsibility for the whole of Germany as chancellor, you have to put the protection of the climate and the people at the centre of politics," says Lisa Goeldner, a climate expert at Greenpeace.

Greenpeace's job advertisement will also be published in national daily newspapers and online media.

The move comes ahead of Germany's parliamentary election on September 26.

The vote will determine who succeeds German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who did not run for reelection this year after leading Germany since 2005.

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