Greggs forced to close only branch in Cornwall after local backlash

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Greggs will return to no longer having a presence in Cornwall - REUTERS

Greggs has been forced to close its only branch in Cornwall after a backlash from Cornish residents over the selling of pasties.

The bakery chain opened its first store in the county in September 2018 with an outlet at a service station in Saltash but said it will now shut following a "thorough review".

It means Greggs will return to no longer having a presence in Cornwall despite having around 1,500 branches across the country.

The announcement was celebrated by residents who claimed the decision marked a vindication for the traditional Cornish pasty. 

Some opponents had branded Greggs as "junk" and warned the chain was never likely to survive long-term in the county.

Ann Muller, a commercial pasty maker with 35-years-experience and owner of Ann's Pasties, said: "It wasn't on my radar, I've never been to a Greggs' and I don't know what they're like.

"People love a pasty in Cornwall. There isn't a Cornish person around who doesn't have a pasty at least once a week - and people like them traditional.

"I don't know what the competition is like in Saltash, maybe there's lots of competition there and people are loyal to their established bakeries."

Shaun Norman added: "It was just stupid to open one in Cornwall anyway.

"It's obvious that Cornish people will use Cornish bakery's where they can get a Cornish pasty rather than the s**t pasty slice from Greggs. They were never going to survive here."

A spokesperson for Greggs, said: "We confirm that following a thorough review, the Greggs at Saltash Service Station closed.

"We continue to look for new opportunity sites across the South West of England as part of our long-term plans."