Greggs' 'important announcement' lost in translation as Geordie dialect confuses fans

Greggs made an 'important announcement'
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Greggs is just as known for its tasty flavour combinations as it is for teasing fans online with emoji puzzles and quick wit. And just recently, they announced that they would be launching an exciting new fish finger sandwich - so when fans spotted that they had an 'important announcement to make on X yesterday, they were intrigued by it.

But fans were lost by what the announcement meant when it finally come, with Geordie dialect once again confusing the rest of the country as to whether a new product was coming or if they were using colloquial language to describe a pre-existing staple.

Seemingly taking a swipe at Rishi Sunak's announcement of a general election, the firm wrote on X: "We also have an important announcement: Sausage Rolls are mint. That is all."

And while most northerners will no doubt recognise that the firm were simply stating that their sausage rolls are second to none, people from further afield were sent into a tailspin by the short and sweet announcement - questioning whether the bakery were bringing out a new sausage roll with mint sauce.

The Mirror reports that Greggs were thankfully on hand to clear any confusion though, after one customer wrote: "Ummm…mint flavoured sausage rolls," with a series of green-faced vomiting emojis. Greggs, replied: "Mint like mint, not mint like mint," only to confuse the fan further, who responded: "Oh right…that mint not the mint mint."

Jesting at a rather wet Rishi who was soaked in the rain while announcing the election, another person joked that the sausage rolls are 'worth standing in the rain for', while another remarked: "10/10 no notes."

"Mint sausage rolls, there's an idea," a further fan responded, while another took the opportunity to ask: "Speaking of mint. Please can you have the mint syrup all year round for hot drinks?"