Gregory Ebbs exits The Apprentice

Lord Sugar has fired Gregory Ebbs credit:Bang Showbiz
Lord Sugar has fired Gregory Ebbs credit:Bang Showbiz

Gregory Ebbs has been fired on 'The Apprentice'.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur has become the latest contestant to exit the BBC show after being axed by Lord Sugar.

Gregory - who owns an online antiques marketplace - was fired from the show after he failed to impress Lord Sugar during the latest task, which required the teams to create a cartoon aimed at young children.

Gregory and his team pitched a cartoon that featured characters playing a clapping game. However, they ran out of time during the design stage and their final product didn't include the clapping hands.

Lord Sugar subsequently highlighted Gregory's role in their under-performance.

He said: "I think you went missing in this task - we almost sent Dora the Explorer looking for you."

Lord Sugar also described the cartoon as "pathetic".

Despite this, Gregory has suggested that another contestant should've been fired instead of him.

He pointed out that a lot of faith was put in Reece Donnelly, the group's team leader, and Gregory argued that he ultimately let them down.

The entrepreneur - who has his own YouTube channel - told "Reece came in and he had a lot of experience with that particular task. So, a lot of responsibility lies with him.

"But on the other hand, as I say, the characters, the cartoon, the pitch - these are all factors which, unfortunately, we just didn't match up to.

"I mean, the performance of the other team was a lot better than ours. So it's difficult to place responsibility on one shoulders, but certainly the team leader does hold a lot of responsibility."