Grenfell Fire: Good Morning Britain slammed as it airs footage of elderly man trapped in his flat

Good Morning Britain has sparked outrage after it aired distressing footage of an elderly man who is trapped in his flat in Grenfell Tower, which went up in flames in the early hours of this morning.

The partially blind man, reportedly in his 70s, became the focus of this morning’s GMB, with hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan dedicating the entire show to the tragic Grenfell fire.

Viewers accused the ITV show of being “disrespectful” for broadcasting the man, who could be seen praying by his window as he awaited help on the 11th floor.

He has been identified by relatives and although he has not been named, it is said that he has lived in Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road for over 30 years.

Speaking over footage of the man, Susanna explained: “We have seen him over the course of the last hour or so in contact with fire fighters.”

Piers added: “You feel just helpless. We’ve been watching this guy for hours.

Piers has demanded ‘heads roll’ for the ‘safety failure’.
Piers has demanded ‘heads roll’ for the ‘safety failure’.

“The fire fighters are doing all they can, it goes without saying they’re risking their lives, some of them may have lost their lives we don’t know.

“I’ve got to say this smoke now is a lot thicker and blacker. It’s been burning for six hours, you’ve got to really fear for anyone in those upper floors that was not able to get out.

“Is there nothing else we can do to help him?”

Outraged by the coverage, disgusted viewers wrote on social media:

Unfortunately, there is no update on whether the man has managed to escape the blaze.

Fire chiefs have confirmed that there have been a “number of fatalities” after Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road went up in flames just before 1am today [14 June].

Around 200 firefighters attempted to tackle the blaze, with 40 fire engines attending the scene, more than 50 of the tower’s residents have been taken to hospitals across London.

Grenfell Tower
Multiple people have died in the blaze.

The London Fire Brigade have stressed that they don’t yet know the cause of the fire, and at least six people have lost their lives in the tragedy – with the number expected to rise.

Piers previously took to his Twitter page to demand that “heads roll” for the “massive safety failure” following reports that residents had expressed concerns over the safety of the apartment block for a number of years.