Grenfell fire survivor and four family members still living in one-bedroom flat a year on from blaze

Kiran Randhawa
New arrival: Maryam Adam with her baby boy who was born six months after the blaze

A survivor of the Grenfell Tower tragedy today told how he is living in a one-bedroom flat with four members of his family, still waiting to be housed a year after the blaze.

Yasin Adam, 43, lived on the fourth floor of the tower — two doors from the flat where the fire started — with his pregnant sister Maryam, and his brother-in-law. Mr Adam, a security officer, escaped with his family but they watched the fire tear through the tower.

“The anniversary, the inquiry, it is all bringing back so much pain,” he said. “All those details from that night are coming back. The way our neighbours and our friends died... it’s very hard.”

He added: “We have been badly let down by the authorities. Can you believe this happened in the UK? The fact people were dying in that building as the fire just rose up and up, left to die like that, it’s unbelievable.

“People were left to die right before our eyes. Our home was burning and there was nothing done to stop it.

“One of my friends lost his whole family. He had no body to cremate or bury. Nothing left of his wife and his daughters aged four and five.”

Mr Adam’s 41-year-old sister, four months pregnant at the time, gave birth to a baby boy in November.

The siblings have been placed in a one-bedroom flat in Kensington with Mrs Adam’s husband, while another sibling is living with them to help with the baby.

“We are still waiting to be housed,” he said. “It’s been a very hard year.”