Grenfell Tower management company 'threatens tenants in neighbouring flats with legal action' days after blaze

The company that manages Grenfell Tower has reportedly hand-delivered residents in flats just yards from the site of Wednesday’s disaster with a letter threatening legal action over anti-social behaviour.

It is claimed that the letter was delivered on Friday – just two days after the devastating blaze – as residents of the Lancaster West estate try to come to terms with the tragedy in their community.

The death toll currently stands at 30, and is expected to rise. Hundreds of people have been left homeless.

ITV’s Paul Brand tweeted a picture of the letter, dated 14 June – the day of the fire, saying that residents were ‘shaking with rage.’

It warned residents about ball games in the courtyard of More West, a building managed by KCTMO opposite the now derelict tower.

It read: ‘There are signs in the Courtyard regarding no ball games are to be played in this area. These signs are being ignored.’

The letter then cites clause 5.15 ‘Anti-social behaviour and Harassment’ of the tenancy agreement.

A statement follows, reading: ‘We will continue to monitor the situation and should we receive further complaints we may consider taking legal action against you.’

Yahoo News has contacted KCTMO to ask for confirmation that the letter was hand-delivered.

A second letter is also reported to have been personally delivered on behalf of KCTMO to other residents regarding claims of anti-social behaviour.

Judith Blakeman, a Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea councillor, told Sky News: ‘We have just been visited by a young woman and her 12-year-old daughter. They saw the fire, they witnessed deaths happening in front of their eyes. They are completely traumatised.

‘A letter was hand-delivered to them this morning from the TMO alleging anti-social behaviour on the part of their dog.

‘I cannot understand how the TMO can stoop to such a level as to deliver that to a traumatised young family who saw everything and who have no idea what’s going on.’

Ms Blakeman said that residents in neighbouring blocks who have been evacuated from their homes were getting ‘no communication whatsoever from the council or the tenant management organisation.’