Grieving UK woman wins battle against council for keeping fence around baby's grave

A grieving woman has finally won her battle with the Folkestone and Hythe District Council for keeping a fence around her baby's grave at Hawkinge Cemetery, Folkestone, south-east England. 23-year-old Hollie Bourne lost her child Ava in July 2021 during a difficult birth. At the funeral director, she signed a letter that stated that she would not put a fence. At that time, Bourne had never visited the burial site and didn't know that most baby graves had fences. When she discovered it, she started questioning why her child wasn't allowed one. Since then, she had been in continuous discussion with the council which told her it would remove the fence after the deadline of December 2021. In an online petition, Bourne explained: "Ava is not allowed a fence, nor is she allowed any ornaments placed on top of her. Everything has to be placed on the concrete slabs, so it makes it easier for the gardeners". The row with the council lasted almost a year. Bourne released an update on the website saying: "Not only does Ava get to keep her fence. We’ve also made the council realise that future babies deserve beautiful resting places too!".