Grill masters love this 'durable' grill caddy - especially when it's 60% off

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A caddy for your outdoor grill.
A caddy for your outdoor grill.

Picture this: you’re outside grilling, and it’s time to flip the burgers. The ribs have reached the perfect temperature, and it's time to put on the secret sauce. You spent the entire morning making your homemade sauce, and now you can’t find it. You need the spatula, but you don’t remember where you placed it. Is there a way to keep all your BBQ accessories and seasonings together in one place? With the KGJDS Grill Caddy, you can keep all your grilling essentials stored neatly together.

KGDJS Grill Caddy for 28”/36” Blackstone Griddles: $24.49 (Orig. 59.99)

Have all the necessities by your side with this perfect addition to your grill.
Have all the necessities by your side with this perfect addition to your grill.

$24.49 $59.99 at Amazon

Organize your Blackstone grilling essentials in one place

Fire up the grill with this Grill Caddy next to you and have a place for all your BBQ tools. The KGDJS Grill Caddy is designed with six hooks so that you will have plenty of storage for your utensils. So the next time you need the meat fork or tongs, reach in confidence towards your caddy for the desired tool.

Sauces and oils can get lost in the shuffle while you're busy with the grill. Don’t waste time searching for a lost condiment. Instead, focus on saucing and cooking the perfect piece of meat. Equipped with a slot design and area for sauces, the KGDJS Grill Caddy will keep your ingredients neatly organized.

The KGDJS Grill Caddy is designed for use with your 28” or 36” Blackstone Griddle. It easily installs without drilling holes and utilizes a U-shaped buckle to fasten securely on your grill. The grill caddy is made to last, constructed with a thick frame, and has an anti-rust coat so you can enjoy it season after season.

You’ll love the durable KGDJS Grill Caddy that stores your BBQ essentials in one place. Hurry and snag this hot deal to save 60% off the price before it burns away.

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