Grim London weather map shows torrential downpour in the middle of July

Large group of people walking on wet street with open umbrellas, london bus in background and houses.  The street in Westminster city in London, England.
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images - Helovi)

A devastating weather forecast shows London is due yet another washout in what has been a wet and dreary summer. According to forecasters at WX Charts, it will pour with rain next Monday, July 16, at around 6pm.

This will be heart-breaking for those who were hoping for just a slither of sunshine to celebrate a possible Euro 2024 win the night before (or some good weather to cheer everyone up after a loss).

On the map, the rain is represented by blue shading, which shows around 0.6mm of rain falling in London per hour.

But don’t despair, as The Met Office, next Thursday (July 18) will be the warmest day next week with thermostats peaking at 24C.

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In fact, the BBC is also predicting good weather next week as it says next Friday (July 19) when things are meant to be ‘sunny and light winds’.

London is due a downpour next Monday (July 16) -Credit:WX Charts
London is due a downpour next Monday (July 16) -Credit:WX Charts

The upcoming London weather forecast can be found below.

According to The Met Office, today (July 11) will see ‘plenty of sunny spells expected throughout the day, although cloudier conditions perhaps developing across the north of the area. Feeling warm in the sunshine with winds remaining light. Maximum temperature 24C’.

Tonight will be ‘becoming cloudy into the evening with most areas remaining dry. However, there is a risk of isolated outbreaks of rain developing across the southeast early Friday morning. Winds remaining light Minimum temperature 12C’.

Tomorrow (July 12) will be ‘largely cloudy on Friday with few sunny spells. Rain may affect the southeast of the area at first, but most other places remain dry. Some clear spells may develop overnight. Maximum temperature 19C’.

And from Saturday (July 13) to Monday (July 15) to Monday, it will be mostly cloudy Saturday ‘with scattered showers and perhaps a few sunny spells later. Sunny spells and variable clouds on Sunday and Monday, but the odd shower is still possible. Winds light throughout'.

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