Grime star Wiley admits he's 'responsible' for Dizzee Rascal's stabbing

Stephanie Soteriou

Wiley has confessed that he is “responsible” for rapper Dizzee Rascal’s Ayia Napa stabbing 14 years ago, despite a rival gang actually being the ones to stab him.

Dizzee and Wiley haven’t been on good terms since Dizzee was hospitalised in a knife fight in 2003, with the star reigniting the feud earlier this month when he accused Wiley of having sex with a schoolgirl in a series of sensational tweets, claims that Wiley has adamantly denied.

Wiley (left) has explained the situation. Copyright: [Rex]
Wiley (left) has explained the situation. Copyright: [Rex]

Wiley opened up about the spat in a new interview with The Sun, telling the publication: “I love that boy. He knows I love that boy but we’re not gonna be friends, not because we argue.

“We’re not gonna be friends anymore because he holds me responsible for being stabbed.

“And I take responsibility – I didn’t stab him – I take responsibility because he was with me but after 14 years I would have thought you would have realised I didn’t stab you.”

Dizzee was just 20 when he was stabbed. Copyright: [Rex]
Dizzee was just 20 when he was stabbed. Copyright: [Rex]

Explaining how he is responsible for the stabbing, Wiley added to Time Out that he was the one who had encouraged a fight with a rival “crew” and that Dizzee, who was 20 at the time, had not been involved in the feud.

However, when the gang couldn’t find Wiley and another friend they stabbed Dizzee instead, with Wiley sharing: “After we started it up again, those guys came looking for us. But the person they found was Dizzee.

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“The thing we done the next morning led them to go looking for us, but see him and stab him.”

Yahoo Celeb UK have contacted Dizzee’s reps for comment.

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