Grimsby business says dealing with repeated vandalism is 'heartbreaking'

A Grimsby businesswoman who brought a derelict building back into life as a Jungle-themed bar says vandalism is "heartbreaking" but the good customers keep her going.

Jungle Smash at 23 Bethlehem St, Grimsby, opened in January this year. The quirky bar has fun group activities like a life-size snakes and ladders board, golf pool, and old school bar games.

Sadly, vandals have repeatedly targeted them. In particular, the cowardly perpetrators target the toilets where they know they cannot be easily observed.


Kelly Jackson, the owner, told Grimsby Live: "It's mainly been in the women's toilets we have jellyfish that light up and glow and on four occasions now the jellyfish have been ripped down and snapped and thrown in the bins.

"We've had people scratching into the walls. We had decorative loo roll holders and they've been ripped down and thrown in the gutter.

"It's just kind of frustrating, we work so hard, we wanted something a bit quirky and different. The main point is that it's disheartening but our usual customers come in and are so supportive and it's like 'That's why we do this.'"

In a heartfelt Facebook post, pictures of the damage are shown. The fresh paintwork has deep gauges in it from where someone has scratched it with a tool and the decorative jellyfish have been pulled down and are lying next to the sinks.

It says: "We worked hard to bring something quite nice and a bit different to our town. So, repeatedly seeing it deliberately trashed and ruined is honestly kinda heartbreaking.

"All that work, and for what? Scratching stuff into the walls, pulling down decorations and throwing things into the gutter outside had left me feeling like 'What's the point' and a little bit of 'Why bother?'

"But then you guys show up, have fun, enjoy what we've built and we remember why we do it. Because 99.9% of our customers, our Jungle Crew are absolutely amazing.

"What started as a bit of a pity party has again turned into 'I'm so grateful for you amazing people'". When the culprits are caught, they will be permanently banned from Jungle Smash, they added.

The post continued: "Thanks again for another amazing weekend, we have loved watching you guys drink, play and smash. When I've wanted to cry and jack it all in, you've made me laugh and smile.

"We're open again today, pop down and see us, and thank you for your unwavering support."