Grimsby weather forecast with lightning storm on the horizon

A file photograph of rain and wet weather in Victoria Street South, Grimsby
-Credit: (Image: Donna Clifford / Grimsby Live)

The weather in Grimsby will be very changeable next week with a real mix of sunshine, thunderstorms and overcast days.

Starting on Monday, the people of Grimsby, Cleethorpes and the surrounding villages can expect to wake up to bright sunshine and temperatures of around 14C. It will stay mild throughout the day, with the temperature peaking at a fairly cool 17C at midday.

Tuesday's weather will be much more unsettled and there is a strong likelihood of thunderstorms and heavy rain showers, according to BBC Weather. Lightning and thunder showers are expected between 3pm and 7pm.


Wednesday will bring more rain, but it's forecast to be lighter. Temperatures will climb to around 19C.

Thursday will be similar, with light rain showers and a mild breeze. However, it will be a bit cooler with temperatures forecast to hover around 17C.

Friday is also likely to bring some rain as well as a moderate breeze from the north. The temperature will be around 15C, remarkably cool for July which is typically 20C-21C on an average day. There is a chance for a break in the clouds in the afternoon and a few rays of sun may appear.

Saturday and Sunday are expected to have periods of drizzle and light rain, as well as a mix of cloud and patches of sunshine. The temperature will stay mostly between 16C and 18C, so perhaps not the best weekend for a barbecue.