Grinch Spotted Rolling Through Downtown Dallas

A person dressed in a Grinch costume was spotted in downtown Dallas rolling through an intersection on a red platform on December 14.

Byron Webb was leaving a music studio with his recording partner when he spotted the individual for the first time.

“When I saw this guy the first time, I thought it was extremely dope, and that if I saw him again I’d record it. Two minutes later he came back around and I got him,” Webb told Storyful.

Webb sings in the background as the person passes through the intersection, pointing at him as he recorded from the car.

“What’s up, bud?” Webb says as the individual rolls by his car, followed by a hearty laugh.

Although Webb does not know the person and has not seen them since, it’s safe to say this Grinch brought some cheer to Dallas this holiday season. Credit: Byron Webb via Storyful