Gritters are out again tonight as county's temperatures plummet

Gritters will be out in Pembrokeshire tonight <i>(Image: PA)</i>
Gritters will be out in Pembrokeshire tonight (Image: PA)

Pembrokeshire County Council gritting lorries are back out on the roads as temperatures drop.

The authority has confirmed this afternoon, Tuesday, January 17, that gritting on all Pembrokeshire's primary and secondary routes will continue this evening.

"It is forecast to remain cold overnight with temperatures dipping as low as -2.7°C with a possibility of some sleet and snow showers tomorrow morning, especially on higher ground," said a Council statement.

"We will therefore be gritting all the county’s Primary routes this afternoon and overnight and patrolling tomorrow morning.

"Please take care, especially on untreated routes."


Pembrokeshire County Council staff monitor the weather conditions throughout the day and night, liaising closely with forecasters specifically employed by the Council for this task.

In addition there are several road side sensors in the region that measure road temperature and other important factors, relaying this information back to computers used by both the forecasters and highway staff.

"The decisions to salt are, where appropriate, subject to factors such as local geography, humidity measurements and wind speeds," said a Council spokesperson.

"The decision is taken by experienced winter maintenance officers in the Council.

"Elevated parts of highway, including bridges, and sections lying in low ground are more prone to freezing and usually require special attention."

The precautionary salting network covers 11 routes, which in normal circumstances ensures that salting activities are completed within two hours.

Each salting lorry has been carefully maintained to ensure that the correct amount of salt is spread on the roads, and all the drivers are fully trained.

Salt bins were traditionally provided on sharp bends and hills on rural minor roads and within residential areas.

However, due to cost implications, vandalism, theft and the potential risks of the public trying to use salt at dangerous locations salt bins have generally not been replaced or new ones provided in recent years.