Gritters ready in case roads melt during heatwave

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A council is preparing to deploy gritters in response to melting roads as temperatures soar.

Hampshire County Council said the machines will be spreading light dustings of sand.

This “acts like a sponge to soak up excess bitumen”, according to the authority.

Gritters are normally used to distribute salt during the winter to stop ice forming on roads.

The areas most likely to be targeted by the vehicles this week are those with older road surfaces, in rural locations and south facing.

Residents are being urged to report any road problems on the council’s website.

Motorists who find tar stuck to their tyres are advised to wash it off with warm soapy water.

An amber weather warning for extreme heat has been issued across much of the UK including Hampshire.

A spokesman for the Local Government Association said: “Snow and ice are the last thing on most people’s minds at the moment and I’m sure there’s been a lot of head-scratching if they’ve seen our gritters out on the roads in the height of summer.

“However, our gritting teams are once again playing a vital role in keeping the country’s roads safe for motorists.

“This proactive work helps reduce the potential damage high temperatures can inflict on our roads, so keeping them safe and limiting disruption.

“Councils will continue to monitor road temperatures and once the weather cools will begin carrying out repairs if needed.”

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