Gross: Olivia Munn Shares ‘Way More Gratifying’ Way to Pop Pimples

Who knew Olivia Munn is such a pro at popping pimples? Well, she is! But it’s probably not too shocking, since she always has that gorgeous glow.

The actress was at the ProactivMD launch event in New York City, and she shared her stories of annoying breakouts with InStyle.

She admitted, “I have to stop myself from going overboard, because I know it can get bad. I have a scar on my chin from popping before, years ago, and when that happens, you’re like, ‘that sucks.'”

Munn’s recommendation to deal with breakouts? Put your hands down. She said, “I’ve learned that if you take those needle-nose tweezers, and just remove the very top, you can pop it that way, and it’s actually way more gratifying.”

She added, “When you squeeze at it, you’re rupturing the skin. This way, you’re only removing the thin part at the very top, and you don’t have to apply much pressure to remove everything trapped inside.”

And don’t forget to clean the area with some toner afterward. No promises you’ll have Olivia’s skin, but it’s a good start … thanks, girl!

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