Groundbreaking ceremony as affordable housing development work begins

Ground breaking at Giernalls Road in Hailey <i>(Image: Sovereign Housing)</i>
Ground breaking at Giernalls Road in Hailey (Image: Sovereign Housing)

A Ground Breaking ceremony marked the start of work on a development of 22 new affordable homes near Witney.

Housing association Sovereign and contractors E G Carter & Co celebrated work starting at Giernalls Road in Hailey earlier this month.

Planning permission for the development of 22 homes for affordable rent and shared ownership was granted in October 2022.

Each home will be fitted with solar panels, air source heat pumps and improved building fabric.

The two and three-bed homes also come with parking and access to the existing Public Right of Way as well as the neighbouring playing field and local village.

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Planning permission was previously granted for nine large homes on the same 2.7 acre site for private sale.

Sovereign's application provided a greater number of homes "to better address the demand for local housing", it said.

The homes, designed by architects Quattro Design, and are expected to be completed in early 2024.

Funding has come from Homes England and Sovereign.

Joanna Smith, Development Manager at Sovereign, said: “It’s hugely encouraging to see work starting on site to deliver these sustainable and energy efficient homes.

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“Sustainability and energy use are something on all our minds right now and I’m pleased the homes being delivered will be more affordable to run. This is all thanks to the measures we are taking to make them energy efficient.

“This development showcases our ability to deliver affordable homes, at a time of real need.”

Mathew Vye, Associate Director at contractors E G Carter & Co Ltd, added: "We are delighted to have supported Sovereign to secure planning permission for this development and we are looking forward to delivering the new homes.

"The pre-contract phase of the project has been a fantastic advertisement for collaborative working to create a strong team base to take into the construction phase and we look forward to seeing the benefit these sustainable homes will bring to the future residents.”



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