Group of camels found loitering in Lidl car park after breaking out of circus in Germany

Jon Sharman
Six camels were found near a closed Lidl shop in Germany: @Polizei_CE

Police were called to a Lidl supermarket in Germany after a group of circus camels escaped and was discovered loitering in the car park.

Officers in Bergen, in Germany’s Lower Saxony region, were called to the shop near a federal highway after several motorists spotted the ungulates.

In total, seven camels were found to have broken free.

In a statement, police said: “Police officers [...] discovered that the seven camels had broken out of the nearby winter camp of a circus.

“In order to prevent a risk for the flowing traffic on the B3 [highway], they secured the location until the animals were returned to their barn.

“A responsible employee of the circus took the animals back to their stables.”

The break-out took place on Monday, officers added.

It is not the first high-profile camel escape to hit Germany this year.

In April, police were forced to respond after two of the animals escaped from a circus in Bremen and were found grazing near a McDonald's restaurant, reported.