A group of men are seen running away after jumping out the back of a lorry

This is the moment a group of men jumped out the back of a lorry and ran away - in front of the stunned driver.

Saddle maker Gavin Cotterill, 26, was outside on his break at work when he said he saw two men approach the lorry and open the back doors.

He said eight more people jumped out and ran away at high speed.

Shocked, he quickly pulled out his phone to film the incident before alerting the lorry driver and reporting it to the police.

The incident happened in in Bloxwich, Walsall, when the lorry pulled up at 3.14pm on January 14. 

Gavin said: "I was having a cigarette outside the back of my work on my 20 minute break when it happened.

"The lorry was parked over road from my work and there was two men walking past.

"The men walked back to the lorry, opened the back door and then ran away. 

"Suddenly, eight more guys in their early 20s jumped out of the back of the lorry and ran over the bridge.

"All the guys who jumped out had backpacks on and they were all shouting something in a foreign language.

"We told the lorry driver who was Polish but he just shook his shoulders and said 'So?'.

"I took down the lorry driver's registration number and called the police as well but they didn't seem to care about it either.

"I was absolutely shocked. I've never witnessed anything like this before."

The police have been approached for comment.