Group of musicians create lock-down inspired song

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A group of musicians have teamed up to create a lock-down inspired feel-good song - recording all their parts separately while in isolation.

Talented foursome Moss Cantrill, Lucy Richards, Dan Hillman, and David Lanni, were all passing the time in lock-down by practicing their instruments.

They had been ringing each other to check on each other's welfare when the idea of the unique recordings was first raised.

Each member then recorded their own contribution which was then sent to a producer who pieced it all together.

They have already published their first song which is aimed at lifting the spirits of their fans in lock-down - and say as they have never been more productive they are planning a new release every week.

The group - who have played at major events including Glastonbury Festival under the name Daytoner - currently live nearly 100 miles apart with members spanning the south west from Plymouth to Penzance.

But they defied the distance barrier and social isolation restrictions to continue making music.

The end result is a feel-good jazz inspired song about how to enjoy your surroundings and make the most of the lock-down isolation.

Moss, from Penzance, Cornwall, who was the producer who tied it all together, said: "This one was done as a test, it's not the full band. Usually there are six of us.

"We're going to keep doing it to lift peoples' spirits, the next one will have all of us in it.

"It all began because in week one I was mucking about with a record and sampling it, then I filmed it and sent it to the band to see if they wanted to get involved.

"A few days later they all did bits for it, it all went from there really."

Moss, who makes music from his home-studio collected vocals from Lucy, in St Austell, guitar parts from David, near Hayle, and a sax solo from Dan, from Maker.

They said the song was made to help cheer people up in isolation, and to give their listeners something else to focus on than the pandemic.

Moss added: "We've been in the writing phase over winter because we've been putting a new album together.

"Everyone is always busy so it's been a slow progress but we've been more productive  through the lock-down.

"It means that everyone has more time to focus on the tune and then can work on it without work pressures.

"It's a bit of a swing tune with a hip hop beat, and Lucy came up with the lyrics.

"It's about keeping everyone's spirits up while they're trapped inside. It's something to take your mind off things."

Daytoner are currently working on their second studio album, are regular supporters of the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club, and have performed at Glastonbury Festival.