Groups file complaint against far-right politician for 'transphobic' post targeting Cannes winner

Six organisations defending LGBT+ rights say they have filed a complaint for "transphobic insult" against far-right French politician Marion Maréchal, after comments targeting Cannes-winning transgender actress.

Transgender actress Karla Sofia Gascon received, along with the Americans Selena Gomez and Zoe Saldana as well as the Mexican Adriana Paz, a joint Best Actress prize on Saturday at the 77th Cannes Film Festival for the film Emilia Perez by French director Jacques Audiard.

Gascon – the first trans woman to win this prize at Cannes – plays the title role of a ruthless Mexican drug lord Manitas, who hires a lawyer to help him become a woman.

Emilia Perez – which sees the lead actresses and cast sing and dance their way through the story – also went on to win the Jury prize at the festival.

Marion Maréchal, who is head of the European list for the far-right Reconquest party, posted her reaction to this on Sunday on social network X.

"It is therefore a man who receives the prize for... female interpretation at Cannes. Progress for the left is the erasure of women and mothers."

Insult based on gender identity

According to Étienne Deshoulières, lawyer for the organisations, "Marion Maréchal's comments deny the very existence of transgender people, as well as the violence and discrimination to which these people are victims on a daily basis."

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