The Guardian’s investigations unit is expanding – become part of our vital, agenda-setting journalism

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Investigative reporting is in the Guardian’s DNA.

Our unique ownership structure allows us to expose wrongdoing and scrutinise power with complete independence. Our massive global audience – and reputation for trusted journalism – mean that our stories have real impact.

We have built a formidable reputation for investigative journalism over decades and are known for major stories: Windrush, the Pegasus Project, the Edward Snowden files, Cambridge Analytica, the Panama, Paradise and Pandora Papers, the phone hacking scandal, the Noel Clarke revelations, the Owen Paterson lobbying affair and the long-running ‘spy cops’ scandal (to name a few).

We’re proud of our biggest scoops, but just as important to us are the hidden truths we unearth on a daily basis, which can come from anywhere in the newsroom. We’re acutely aware that small stories often lead to bigger ones, and we encourage all our journalists to dig deep.

The investigations team is a dedicated unit of six journalists (plus me as the head of investigations), whose job it is to ferret out the hardest-to-reach, most impactful stories.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now expanding the team, creating a number of new roles, including a deputy investigations editor and several new investigations correspondents. This expansion has been enabled by a major investment by the Guardian, which signals the editor–in–chief Katharine Viner’s ambitions for accountability-driven reporting.

We are looking for candidates with a proven track record in investigative journalism, although that can involve a broad range of roles. There is no single mould for an investigative reporter – we hope to build a diverse ensemble of journalists with different backgrounds, skills and expertise. New members of the team may have experience in reporting on tech, politics, kleptocracy, disinformation, sport, sexual abuse, migration or financial crime – or they could be a generalist who relishes deep dives into unknown waters.

It is not essential that candidates have a long list of award-winning investigations to their name. But it is important that they can demonstrate they have the potential to excel on the team, with the skills, attributes and determination we believe this kind of work requires.

We are seeking candidates who can demonstrate diverse perspectives, and particularly welcome applications from candidates who are Black, Asian and minority ethnic or from other underrepresented groups in the UK media.

Successful candidates are likely to be tenacious, shrewd and creative – and unwilling to give up on their stories easily. They will work well under pressure, and will preferably have experience operating under UK media laws. Above all, we are looking to recruit journalists who are team players who share our sense of mission.

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Deputy Investigations Editor

Investigations Correspondents

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