Guatemala Residents Begin Repairs on Bridges Damaged by Iota

Residents and community members of the Municipality of Camotán, in Guatemala’s Chiquimula department, began repair work on Thursday, November 19, on bridges that were severely damaged by hurricanes Eta and Iota.

According to Camotán officials, one bridge for vehicular traffic on Guatemala’s CA-11 – the last bridge that allows vehicles to cross the Rio Grande de Zacapa before the border with Honduras – collapsed due to damage from intense rain and flooding from the back-to-back hurricanes in November.

Steps to a footbridge over the Rio Grande de Zacapa were also destroyed during Hurricane Iota, cutting off access to the small community of Pajcó, a representative for the municipality said in a livestream. The municipality announced evacuations for the area of Pajcó on November 18. Credit: Municipality of Camotán via Storyful

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