Guatemalan Army Rescues Residents Stranded by Storm Eta Floodwaters

The Guatemalan military offered countrywide support to regions impacted by storm Eta on Friday, November 6, as seen in a series of videos posted to the Guatemalan Army’s Twitter account.

The Guatemalan Air Force carried emergency rations on flights to affected areas in the city of Puerto Barrios and the department of Izabal and performed a reconnaissance flight to search for people trapped in Izabal’s landslides.

The Field Artillery Brigade helped in the removal of a tree that fell near a suspension bridge in the village of Matucuy that provides access to the village.

Major General Hugo Roberto Urbina Marroquín is seen in the last video as he directs a rescue operation to save people in Izabal.

Eta has cost dozens of lives in Central America, the AP reported. More than 100 people were believed to be missing, and an estimated 150 homes were buried.

The official Twitter page of the Guatemalan government reported 2,757 evacuations and 772 people staying in 21 shelters. Credit: Ejército Guatemala via Storyful