Guests Freed After Becoming Trapped Inside UK Pub by Heavy Snow

Guests who unexpectedly found themselves trapped in a northern England pub with an Oasis tribute band for three nights due to bad weather have been freed, according to an update from the venue on Monday, November 29.

Around 60 pub-goers, several staff, and the members of an Oasis tribute band became stranded at the Tan Hill Inn in remote Richmond, North Yorkshire, on Friday, when high levels of snow accumulated as Storm Arwen hit the UK prevented guests from leaving.

Customers, staff and band members kept themselves entertained over three nights with karaoke, a pub quiz, and movies. The plight of the inn’s staff and guests received national and international attention.

Videos published to the Tan Hill Inn’s Facebook page show the snowy conditions outside the establishment on Saturday, as well as guests trying to keep occupied inside the inn on Sunday.

A staff member confirmed to Storyful that a snow plough was used to clear the road leading up to the venue, finally allowing guests to leave on Monday. Credit: Tan Hill Inn via Storyful

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