Guide Dog for a blind dog: Ginger and best friend Kimchi visit a vegan fair in the Philippines

Guide dogs aren't only for humans, as one doggy duo in the Philippines demonstrate in this video from November 2018. Ginger a senior Golden Retriever mix, serves as a guide dog to Kimchi, a blind Cocker Spaniel who was rescued from the streets of the Philippines in 2012. The loveable canines went massively viral in 2018, when their videos and inspiring story received millions of views and were shared by People Magazine, Daily Mail, Good Morning America and countless other media outlets. One Daily Mail Facebook post alone had over 13 million views. At the time of his rescue, Kimchi was thin, mangy, with flea-infested and matted fur. He was weak and almost completely blind. He was adopted by Eric and Thea, because their dog at that time, Ginger, chose him. She growled at all the other dogs at the shelter, save for Kimchi. They soon became best friends and in 2015, when Kimchi went totally blind, Ginger became his guide when they go out. The duo often visit schools, companies, government agencies, clinics and hospitals, to provide comfort as part of Animal Assisted Interventions and Humane Education program. In this video, Ginger and Kimchi can be seen navigating the crowds at a vegan festival in the Philippines, where they were invited guests. This particular video, in its original form was thought to have been lost, along with many of Ginger and Kimchi's videos and photos, when the phone in which it was recorded was lost in early 2019. But when Eric and Thea were cleaning out their apartment in early November 2021, prior to moving, they found the phone again, and with it this video. Unfortunately, Ginger, the guide dog, passed away in January 2019, when she suffered what appears to have been a heart attack.

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