Heartwarming Guinness advert becomes viral hit with 3.5m views

They're famed for their iconic adverts as much as their product itself - and the creative minds at Guinness have done it again.

The latest commercial for the black Irish drink features a group of wheelchair basketball players in a heartwarming short film.

The advert starts with the group of men playing a grueling and intense game of wheelchair basketball at an indoor gymnasium.

As their chairs clash and sweat pours in the no-nonsense game, a narrator says: 'The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character'.

The advert also talks of 'dedication, loyalty and friendship' before a twist at the end sees all but one of the players walk away from their wheelchairs.

The Irish firm have become well-known for their iconic commercials over the years.

Their unforgettable 1999 commercial, 'Surfer', which features a Polynesian man taking on a giant wave, won a host of advertising awards and has been voted the 'Best advert of all time' in numerous polls.

The latest effort has already been viewed more than 3.5million times online.