Guru reveals top three household cleaning errors and how to avoid them

Male caucasian hand and arm seen wiping a folded yellow rag along the lower white wall trim near the wood floor to remove dust.
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A cleaning guru has shared three common blunders we all make when tackling household chores. Known as @purdyandfigg online, the expert shares tips and tricks to simplify cleaning tasks.

She's learned from her own errors, saying she's made these mistakes "so you don't have to." On TikTok, she's on a mission to correct these mishaps and has disclosed the optimal ways to banish dust, air-dry laundry, and keep floors immaculate, reports the Mirror.

She starts with what she calls the "biggest" blunder: using a damp cloth to wipe away dust. Instead, she suggests a "dry cloth first before cleaning with any product" as a wet one merely "pushes the dust around".

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She continues: "Secondly, don't leave your clothes to dry in an underrated room. The ideal spot is outdoors for natural air drying, or if not, in a spacious room with good airflow for quicker drying and a fresher scent."

The guru's final piece of advice is about mopping correctly. This she claims will help avoid "watermarks and musty smells" on your floors.

The TikTok community has been quick to confess they've made similar errors, while many concur with her advice. One user said: "The wet dusting! I keep seeing people recommending it but it just smears the dust all over and you have to go over and over it to get it off."

clothes drying on airer
Drying clothes outside can make them smell fresher -Credit:Getty Images

Another said: "Air/ sun-dried bed sheets are the best thing ever." A third added: "The first one: yes, finally some validation."

However, not everyone concurred with the dusting advice and tried to argue their point. One said: "Damp dusting all the way. I have a sponge thing that catches and lifts the dust then quickly buff with a class cloth."

A second said: "I dust with a cloth with washing up liquid then a tea towel to dry. I am asthmatic and couldn't cope with dry dusting." A third added: "Drying clothes outside is gross. It puts dirt and pollen onto the clothes."

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