Guy Raises Funds Online to Surprise Single Mom With Car

This guy got inspired to give away his car that he was about to sell. However, he couldn’t afford to give up the money he could have got by selling it, so he started collecting money through an online platform to compensate. After pitching in the initial amount himself, he was able to raise funds for the good deed. Then, he connected with a woman who was looking for resources to get her daughter, who was a single mom, a car. The guy decided to surprise her with the car funded by 65 strangers, including himself. When the single mom came to his house and saw the car, she got emotional. She couldn’t contain her tears, thinking about the hardships she had to face to visit her son who lived with his father, and to get a job. In the end, she drove away happily after thankfully hugging the guy who helped her get a better life.