Gwen Stefani breaks down in tears over shocking surprise

Gwen Stefani was overcome with emotion during a recent interview on British television when she received a surprise video message from one of her musical idols.

The former No Doubt singer, 53, appeared on BBC's The One Show and revealed her deep admiration for British music, particularly ska bands from the UK.

Gwen shared that she and her older brother, Eric, used to listen to bands like Madness, The Specials, and The Selecter.

She specifically mentioned Selecter singer Pauline Black as a personal hero, highlighting that Pauline was the only girl in the ska scene at the time. Stefani even performed one of Pauline's songs at her high school talent show.

Gwen Stefani gets teary eyed on TV
Gwen Stefani gets teary eyed on TV

She expressed her immense fandom, stating, "I'm a huge fan, and I wouldn't be me without The Selecter and all those bands."

To Gwen’s surprise, the hosts of The One Show, Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas, had a special treat for her. They played a video message from Pauline herself.

The 69-year-old music icon expressed her thrill at having influenced Gwen and sent her lots of love.

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Pauline Black is one of Gwen's heroes
Pauline Black is one of Gwen's heroes

Overwhelmed by the message, Stefani couldn't hold back her tears and exclaimed, "I'm going to cry... these are real tears. I'm shaking. I can't believe that, that was incredible."

The exchange between Gwen and the hosts was filled with genuine excitement and laughter.

When Jermaine Jenas mentioned that he could understand why Gwen was emotional, she playfully retorted, "No, you don't understand ANYTHING, OK?" This lighthearted banter brought laughter from both the audience and her co-host, Alex Jones, who joined in saying, "You tell him, Gwen!"

Reflecting on the impact of the video message, Gwen expressed her gratitude and shared her teenage admiration for Pauline.

"She was my idol when I was like 13, and she just talked to me!" she exclaimed, still visibly moved by the unexpected encounter.

The interview with The One Show comes as Gwen is currently touring the UK with Pink. Additionally, she is set to release her new solo single, True Babe, this Friday. The song marks her first solo release in over two years since her 2021 track Slow Clap.

Gwen Stefani smiling for a photo at an event
Gwen Stefani smiling for a photo at an event

Gwen’s appearance on the UK chat show follows a previous shock among fans in September last year when she debuted a new look during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Fans commented on her transformation, describing her as "unrecognizable" with her long blonde hair and a bold ensemble featuring fishnet stockings and cut-outs.

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