Watch Gwyneth Paltrow call Harvey Weinstein a 'coercer' in 1998 interview with David Letterman

Emma Powell
Hinting: Gwyneth Paltrow on The Late Show in 1998

Footage of Gwyneth Paltrow referring to Harvey Weinstein as a “coercer” in a 1998 interview with David Letterman has resurfaced days after she claimed the producer harassed her.

The actress – who was starring in Weinstein’s Shakespeare in Love at the time – discussed Weinstein’s “behaviour” during a chat about her Thanksgiving plans on The Late Show.

Paltrow said she wouldn’t normally have travelled on the national holiday, but that she had made an exception to be able to join Letterman on his show.

He asked: “Are you here of your own free will or has someone coerced you into being here?”

Paltrow replied: “Do you count Harvey Weinstein as a coercer?”

She added: “I do all my movies for Harvey Weinstein, that’s Miramax, and I’m lucky to do them there but he will coerce you to do a thing or two.”

Letterman then asked what Paltrow got in return for doing things for Weinstein, to which she replied: “Nothing.”

The chat show host then slated Weinstein’s “behaviour,” saying he is tired of being forced to promote his films.

Speaking out: Gwyneth Paltrow with Harvey Weinstein (Rex)

“I’m kind of fed-up of Harvey’s behaviour,” he said. “[But] I’m grateful that he bought you here tonight.”

Paltrow is among a string of actresses who have spoken out against the shamed producer who was sacked from the Weinstein Company after claims of sexual harassment, assault and rape were levelled against him.

Paltrow claimed Weinstein placed his hands on her and suggested that they go to the bedroom for “massages”, which she refused to do, during a meeting at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel after she’d been given the lead role in Emma at the age of 22.

Fellow A-lister Angelina Jolie said that Weinstein also made unwanted advances towards her during the release of her 90s film, Playing by Heart.

Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd and Lea Seydoux have also accused him of sexual misconduct.

Weinstein – who has flown to Arizona for therapy – has unequivocally denied all accusations of non consensual sex.

In a statement his spokesperson Sallie Hofmeister said: “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein.

“Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”

Weinstein today pleaded for a second chance after telling reporters outside his daughter’s home that he was “not doing OK”.

Speaking to TMZ he said: “I'm hanging in I'm trying my best. I'm not doing Ok but I'm trying.

“I gotta get help guys. You know what, we all make mistakes… Second chance I hope.”